I reside in Hays, KS along with my husband, three sons and two dogs. Painting, sketching and anything that feeds my need to use my imagination has always been part my life. I attended FHSU and majored in Graphic Design. Though my family and my ‘bill paying’ career keep me plenty busy, I am exceptionally blessed to have a supportive husband and understanding family, who help me carve out time to work on my projects, and that support my interests.


Painting Style

My work mostly consists of acrylic paints and collage. I would categorize it as abstract form, based on realistic image and ideas. Most works incorporate clay, photos, metal or other objects in to the paintings to give depth and dimensions to the works. I love experimenting with steel pieces. I grew up on a farm and I remember wanting to build and toy with scrap metal, the shapes and colors I saw in them always felt inspiring

Purchasing & Ordering Paintings

Keeping pieces on hand for purchase has been a challenge; contact me if you’re interested in a list of works currently available.   Many of my pieces are ordered in advance to specific dimensions and themes. Basically I talk with the client on ideas and basic colors themes that would 'fit' the space the client wants to display the work in. The works are still a product by my imagination, creativity and discretion. Only the colors and themes are influenced by the purchaser.  Contact me for ordering, quote options.

Graphic & Design Work

I do produce Graphic Design work on a small scale for local businesses and bands; designing posters, pamphlets, logos and any other odd request. I’m quick and very reasonable in price, just contact me for your needs at amynormandin@gmail.com and we can discuss options and time lines, I can get you a quote for work as well.